The Program?

1.  Free School Screenings.  This 90-minute film is available as a FREE resource for schools to show.  THE ZOMBIE CLUB is suitable for Elementary, Middle & High School age students.  In some cases, the Producer of the film, Jason Campbell or Professional Teen Counselor Deborah Thompson will host the school screening events.  

2.  To assist students in organizing and creating student led anti-bullying groups.  Much like the Zombie Club depicted in the film.

Since 2014, Jason Campbell and JCFilms has given over 1,000 movie presentations across the nation to audiences that include:  Students,  Corporations,  Parent groups, Religious Groups,  Educators &Law Enforcement.  

Deborah Thompson is licensed mental-health counselor top-notch when in comes to teen issues.  For over 40 years, she has been working with children & teenagers on various topics. 

School Programs



The Film?

This is a family friendly movie produced by JCFilms.  This is the 18th good hearted film produced by JCFilms.  The movie was filmed in Harrison County, WV during the summer of 2019.  If you took the movie ‘The Breakfast Club’ and mixed a few scenes from ‘Night of the Living Dead’ you’d have THE ZOMBIE CLUB!


It all starts on a Saturday detention stint, when several students from the various teen social cliques become infected.  It’s a struggle at first, relying on each other to hide their new deadness; but in the end it becomes obvious that even zombies; the dead are nicer than the living.

Through the film, students begin to recognize the telltale signs of bullying long with the reasons why teens bully.   The goal: is to entertain, educate and to encourage an honest and open dialogue.  


Dean Cain stars in this zombie fun and entertaining film as the quirky and eccentric school’s principle.  This is not your typical zombie film; it’s a parody, it’s a comedy and it lacks all the gore.  Sorry, but the film has a great message that will resonate and challenge teens all over.



Our View on Bullying.

With stories about bullying making national headlines almost daily, our reactive approach and perception of the problem needs to change.


Bullying is more than big kid picking on little kid.  It’s intimidation, abuse, oppression, and shame.  Beyond physical bullying, there is social bullying (often done through cyberbullying) and verbal bullying.  Each type of aggressive behavior is painful and we believe each type leaves lasting scars.


So how do protect our kids from becoming a victim?  We have to teach our children to stand up to bullying when they see it?   That’s what this program is all about! 

What Others are Saying?

“The Zombie Club movie is a thought provoking film that tackles the ever present social issue of bullying. This film provides a much needed message in a unique and creative way to reach out to teens. I encourage schools to use this film as a tool and challenge educators to create a positive social environment for all their students.”

Frank Devono Jr.

President, Board of Education of Harrison County, West Virginia.

“The Zombie Club is a must see for students and teachers.  Please take opportunity to invite Jason Campbell and his JCFilm’s team to bring this film to your school.  This is a must see and a great first step in challenging our students to recognize bullying.”

Dean Cain

Actor / Producer / Fox News

"Fantastic film with a great message that every student should watch.  Well done!" 

Edwin Wallace

Sony Entertainment