• Jason Campbell

National Film Tour Starts with Film's Host School!

THE ZOMBIE CLUB a new anti-bullying film produced by JCFilms and starring actor Dean Cain started its national film tour at Bridgeport Middle School (BMS) in Bridgeport, WV. BMS is also the host school that opened its doors during the summer of 2019 to allow the production of the film.

Superintendent of Harrison County Schools, Dr. Mark Manchin, said he is behind the project 100 percent. He believes the approach will be effective and is glad to see students of North Central West Virginia stepping up to be part of this proactive effort to stop this serious problem.

"I think the students really enjoyed seeing the same hallways and classrooms they see everyday in the movie. They especially liked when they learned that Dean Cain's character (Principal Mazza) was actually named after the real Principal Mazza."

The Zombie Club is a family-friendly anti-bullying film starring actor Dean Cain that is launching a nationwide school tour in October. October is National Bullying Prevention Month.

In the film, several students change the culture of their school after experiencing a near zombie death experience. Though the story is comical and a bit magical, the impact of that experience changes the entire student body against bullying. The film has received praise from not only students but from teachers and school officials calling the film “both entertaining and life changing.”

Students that watch the film will be encouraged to start student led anti-bullying clubs in their perspective schools. JCFilms has been partnering with child/teen psychologists and other anti-bullying experts in developing the curriculum for these clubs. In addition, JCFilms will be personally assisting in the development of each club with a goal to create 25 Charter Zombie Clubs before the end of the year.

To learn more about THE ZOMBIE CLUB and the all the school programs being launched from the film, please visit