• Jason Campbell

The Zombie Club Film Launches Tour and Student Led Anti-Bullying Programs.

No matter how diligent teachers and administrators are, it's easy for bullying to happen under the noses of adults at school. In the bathrooms, the hallways, and on social media, students are often the only ones around to police themselves.

That's why the team that created the anti-bullying film, The Zombie Club, has developed instructions and curriculum for students to start their own student led “Zombie Clubs” in their schools.

“We believe students are the key to changing their classmates' attitudes around bullying. Not adults,” Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms said. “We also believe that bullying is not about a few bad apples but about the overall culture of the school. It’s that culture that needs to change.”

The Zombie Club is a family-friendly anti-bullying film starring actor Dean Cain that is launching a nationwide school tour in October. October of course is National Bullying Prevention Month.

In the film, several students change the culture of their school after experiencing a near zombie death experience. Though the story is comical and a bit magical, the impact of that experience changes the entire student body against bullying. The film has received praise from not only students but from teachers and school officials calling the film “both entertaining and life changing.”

Students that watch the film will be encouraged to start student led anti-bullying clubs in their perspective schools. JCFilms has been partnering with child/teen psychologists and other anti-bullying experts in developing the curriculum for these clubs. In addition, JCFilms will be personally assisting in the development of each club with a goal to create 25 Charter Zombie Clubs before the end of the year.

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