• Jason Campbell

"The Zombie Club" Set to Premiere Sept. 28 at Bridgeport High School

“The Zombie Club,” a JCFilms project that was shot mid-July in Bridgeport and surrounding areas is set to premiere Saturday, Sept. 28 at the Bridgeport High School auditorium.

JC Films President/Executive Producer Jason Campbell said he is pleased with the outcome of the movie which focuses on an anti-bullying theme.

“With such a huge interest in the film and kids traveling from all over the region to attend audition and callbacks, we are able to select a fantastic cast and involve everyone who was passionate about being part of this project,” he said. “It was a long hot week of filming, but the kids stayed positive and were great sports. I think this project is going to make some impact.”

Endorsed by the Harrison County Board of Education, the film is a passion project of Campbell’s. After hearing statistics and stories about bullying and resulting tragedies, he wanted to combine a theme which kids are interested in with a message about being inclusive and embracing differences to support one another and work together. The movie co-written by Campbell and Dorian Clevenger. 

The Zombie Club Premier

There will be a special screening for the cast and crew of “The Zombie Club,” beginning at 1 p.m. Sept. 28. Details can be found HERE.

In addition to Cain, lead roles are held by Erica Cottrill as science geek Emma Reynolds, Jordan Kennedy-Rea as gothic Rita Lands. Cottrill is a 2019 Bridgeport High School graduate and Kennedy-Rea is a rising BHS senior.Portraying other lead characters are Franco Maicas as athletic jock Justin Hershog, Levi Wolfe as hippie student Brad Stadder, Lexi Bradley as cheerleader Madison Carter and Alec Miller as computer gamer Alex Butler. Several JC Films veteran actors, including Tim Goodwin, Michael Sigler, Heather Mudrick and Katherine Shaw hold roles in the film.

Most of the film was shot at Bridgeport Middle School. Serving as director is Aaryon Moore. Campbell said he did a wonderful job with the project; a quality one, which features animation, 3D computer graphics and super power special effects.

It is not yet known where the film will be aired or if it will available through a retailer. Copies of the film will be available for purchase at the premiere and eventually on the JC 📷Films Website, where all JC Films movies can be purchased. Also find information about how to schedule a JC Films movie tour at your church.

Also available for sale are a limited amount of Zombie Club T-shirts. Buy T-shirts and tickets to the premiere HERE.

The next JC Films project to be filmed in Bridgeport is the faith-based police drama, "Dispatched." Read about it HERE.