This is a family friendly movie being filmed in Harrison County, WV during the summer of 2019.  If you took the movie ‘The Breakfast Club’ and mixed a few scenes from ‘Night of the Living Dead’ you’d have Zombie High School. 


This project is being created to challenge teens to choose kindness over ugliness.  The bullying, the meanness in schools, let’s not kid ourselves; it happens everyday and innocent kids are being hurt.  So, if this film can offer teens with a great summer project, the opportunity to dress up like zombies everyday and maybe learn new skills in being nicer.  I say ‘Let’s do it.’


Over 40 teenage roles will be casted in this apocalyptic comedy.  If casted you may be required to attend classes prior to filming in preparation for your role.   Please contact us to learn more.  


School Programs

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A nightmarish teenage world of pep rally's and proms combined with decaying flesh, sets the scene for painfully funny interactions between the living and the dead students at Rosewood High School.

It all starts on a Saturday during detention,  when several students from the schools various teen social cliques become infected.  It’s a struggle at first, relying on each other to hide their new deadness; but in the end it becomes obvious that even zombies; the dead are sometimes nicer than the living.


Dean Cain stars in this zombie apocalyptic film as the quirky and eccentric school’s principle.  This is not your typical zombie film; it’s a parody, it’s a comedy with a much needed message that will resonate and challenge teens all over.



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